Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh

So I was talking to a social worker who was at our office for a forensic interview. He said it might not get very far because it was a cold case, but then he began a story…

“Of course, I did get lucky with one cold case. It happened at a church camp, and the perp was a youth pastor. We went to interview the victim and his mom was sitting there sewing her wedding dress, but the boy said nothing happened. So we went to the guys work and secured a conference room to question him in. We played good cop/bad cop so I was saying how I could get him the help he needed and the cop was threatening him with charges for lying. Lo and behold, this guy confesses and then admitted to something that happened in another state years before!”

I sat there about to die and then calmly said, “Let me tell you something. That was my ex husband, and I’m the one that reported it.”

… long pause… the look on his face was priceless. Once he got over the shock, he then said he had talked to me, which I didn’t remember, but he went into detail about my reason for reporting and things I had said. I was impressed with his memory! I got to explain how I hadn’t wanted them to think I was just reporting to get full custody, and he said he had a gut feeling that it wasn’t a custody fight. I don’t really believe that, but whatever. I’m just glad my ex confessed because he seriously needed help, and he needed to have no access to children anymore. I believe the thing that had happened in another state had been associated with another church and another underage boy; however, from what I heard (after my ex and I split) that boys parents didn’t want to press charges, so nothing ever came of it. Why did they charge this time? I have no idea, but for my son’s sake and possible future victims, I am glad they did. Even though he just got 1 year in jail, at least he’s on the sex offender registry.

So that moment of “oh crap, I said too much” was hilarious, and I wanted to share with cyber world. Sometimes we gotta laugh at the most morbid times of our lives to realize there might be a comical side to every story.


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