I’m Not The Brightest Crayon In The Box

Today I woke up with bug bites all over me and as I was getting in the shower, I noticed three red rings on my body: two on my chest and one on my left side. I sent pictures to my friend and was freaking out thinking I had ringworm or lyme disease, so I had Teladoc call me to save me a trip to urgent care. He said with the suddenness of the rings appearance and because they didn’t itch, it sounded more like an allergic reaction to the bug bites rather than ringworm, etc. He prescribed me a steroid. Okay, cool, but I still had to deal with whatever bug was biting me. So we tore apart our mattresses and sheets- no signs of any bugs (bed bugs, fleas, nothing, nada). My hubby vacuumed the house, and since I had such an intense reaction to the bites, we decided to bug bomb the house. By this point, I had complained to my best friend and mom about the issue. We had to pack up and visit my aunt and uncle while waiting for the bombs to be done. While talking to my aunt, she said, “Do you think you’re allergic to anything they used during your echocardiogram yesterday?” Moment of silence, and then I busted out laughing thinking of how big of an idiot I am. The rings were left from the circular sticky things they put on your chest/side during an echo. I simply hadn’t noticed them that day. I called my best friend, everyone that had been trouble shooting my problem at the pharmacy she works at… I heard them laughing hysterically. I told my mom… same reaction. And now my husband has threatened to bomb me for making us bomb the house. Smh. It’s been an interesting day.

Hurtful truth: Sometimes people laugh at you. You just gotta learn to laugh with them.


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