I know this happens to be the month that everyone focuses on being thankful for what they have, but I am thankful for where I am regardless of the month! God has put me here, and I’m content to keep rolling with Him as I try to stay in His will. I’ve been offered an opportunity to do some part-time work with one of my supervisors, which will be an amazing set up as I will be able to control how much extra I do and the days/times/locations of sessions. I really wasn’t even looking for extra work, but this will give me a great chance to make some extra money but also get my much needed direct client hours for licensure! And from what I’ve gathered, my supervisor is a great person to work for, which I’ve picked up on in our meetings. Good bosses can make or break these things, so I’ve been incredibly blessed thus far in being aligned with people who want to help build me up. Even though extra work will be happening soon, I’m looking forward to the new clients I will meet and pray I can be a positive influence in their lives. So, prayers appreciated as I begin this new journey. xoxo


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