Lemons Into Lemonade

Today I start a new journey. I’m nervous, excited, and questioning so much… and I’ve kept my thoughts all to myself. I’m sure you are familiar with something great happening and having no one to talk all of it out with? Yes? No? If no, it sucks because that’s where I feel like I am. So, unsuspecting victims, heyyyyyy 👋!

Today I start a part-time job in addition to my full-time work. I’ll be doing family therapy for a private practice, and my supervisor/owner is incredibly supportive and understanding. This opportunity fell right into my lap; I believe the entire process has been a God thing. He has given me so many blessings it’s unreal. I almost feel like Job. How he lost everything but then got back blessings multiplied… except I definitely didn’t remain faithful to God throughout my trials and a lot were consequences of my own decisions, so thank You for grace!

I’m excited because this work gives me options and wider experience. My full-time job is grant-based, so if it goes, I go. Not exactly stable huh? I love my work family, but I know even if they wanted to keep me, if the money isn’t there, it simply can’t be done. So this extra work would give me something to fall back on if needed. I’ve also considered going into private practice once I get licensed, and this supervisor has considered a clinic but doesn’t have his heart in it. So maybe that’s something I could bring to the table? Who knows! The options are endless, & it’s exciting not to be boxed in! I love the population I work with, but for my future practice and licensure test, I need a wide array of experience. It’s like, God knew what I needed before I even did because the way this worked out was too perfect. I’m so excited about working with families. So many of my existing clients need family therapy, so I hope I will be able to assist those who receive this service. I’ll be doing a lot of therapy; my main concerns are putting God first and balancing work and family. I definitely don’t want to get overwhelmed, and I know that will happen without peace from God. I’ll have to find ways to give each situation to Him, and give Him the chance to work through me; No, not by thumping people with Bibles, but by being a positive example as Christ was.

Afterthought: it’s funny how my entire career, in a field foreign to all of my family, has been directed by the absolute worst time of my life: me trying to understand why my then husband kept cheating on me with guys. If that’s not a perfect example of turning lemons into lemonade, I don’t know what is!

To sum it all up, I now have a direction and goal. Thank you lovely readers 🙂 I appreciate the nonjudgmental attitudes, you all are fabulous. Now, let’s go kick some people into healthy mentalities! Lol

Hurtful truth: If no one is around to listen, talk to a chair… or a blog. 😂


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